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Mae Kha Mu Noie Church
Mae Kha Mu Noie Church
Pastor Anupap “Montree” and Aorapa Kosonchalad
Pastor Anupap "Montree" and Aoropa Kosonchalad

Pastor “Montree” Kosonchalad has been the pastor of Mae Kha Mu Noie Church for 21 years.  He started the church with his wife, Aorapa, soon after he graduated from Christ for Thailand Institute at Pak Chong.  The church has grown through the years, and has approximately 70 active members.

The church is located in a rugged mountainous area north of Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border and has a congregation that is mostly tribal.   The church ministry is vital since it is in an isolated region where no other church is located.     

In addition to the church, Pastor “Montree” and Aorapa also operate a Christian children’s home for poor tribal children who live in isolated jungle areas where there are no public schools.   In order to attend school and obtain an education, the children come into town and stay in dormitories at the Christian children’s home while school is in session.   Without this assistance,  most of them would not be able to get an education.

They are able to go home to visit their parents and other family members during school breaks.  Approximately 20 permanent students stay with them during the school year and they have hosted many others throughout  the years.

This ministry of love has been a tremendous blessing to the children and to Pastor Anupap and his family.  They are able to raise the children in a safe Christian environment where they are well fed and taken care of.  They are able to take them to church regularly and teach them Bible stories about the love of Christ.  God has blessed the ministry and virtually all of the children accept Christ as their savior while under the care of Pastor Anupap and Aorapa.

Anupap and Aorapa live on a very limited budget, and with so many extra mouths to feed, they help support themselves by growing rice and various vegetables.   They also have a pond where they are able to grow their own fish for eating.   They are also raising pigs which they will sell for more income.  Some of the children’s parents provide them with charcoal for cooking and provide very modest financial assistance, but some are so poor they can not pay anything.  After completing school, some of the students get a job or go on to higher education.

If you would like to help with this ministry, contributions should be sent to Christ for Thailand USA, Inc., P. O. Box 1601, Niceville, Florida 32588, and designated for Pastor Anupap’s ministry.

Montree and Aorapa have three children, Niranporn, Kantaporn, and Numpu.


Church Members
Christmas Celebration
Church Members
Pastor Montree with his wife and Children
New Christians prepare for Baptism
Night time Worship Service
Pastor Montree with some Church members
Fish are raised to help feed the Christian Children's Home and Church Members
Stocking the Fish Pond
Daily Student Devotions before schoool
Ministry Truck did not have Safety Bars
Safety Bars being added to Ministry TruckTruck
Safety Bars added to Ministry Truck
Sidewalks were recently constructed between Christian Children's Home Buildings
New Sidewalk to Children's Home Buildings
The Children's Home raises and sells pigs to help support the ministry