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Pastor Rojana and Nitaya Posai
Pastor Rojana and Nitaya Posai

Pastor Rojana and Nitaya Posai

Pastor Rojana Posai has been the pastor of Amnatchareon Immanuel Church for over 20 years.  The church is located in the Issan area of Thailand in the city of Amnatchareon.  He and his wife Nitaya and his daughter also operate a Christian day care center for pre-school children while their parents are working.   They provide a safe comfortable environment for the children and have the opportunity to tell them Bible stories while they share the love of Christ with them.

They stretch their limited resources by raising their own chickens to provide their own eggs.  They also support themselves by raising fish, frogs, and various kinds of vegetables.

Amnatchareon Church recently completed a construction project to enlarge the day care center to provide two private bedrooms with baths upstairs that will be used by visiting pastors or guests and their families.  An eating area and bathroom has been added downstairs that also serves as the church nursery during Sunday church services,  The construction is two stories high and each floor is 5 X 9 meters in size.

Pastor Rojana and Amnatchareon Church are seeking prayer and financial supporters to help with their ministry.  Tax deductible contributions can be mailed to Christ for Thailand USA, Inc., P. O. Box 1601, Niceville, Florida 32588, and designated for the Amnatchareon Church ministry.


Amnatchareon Church
Children's presentation at Amnatchareon Church
Amnachareon Church Congregation
Christmas Program
Pastor Rojana prepares to baptize new believers
Day Care Children
Day Care Children
The Christian Center was recently expanded
The Christian Daycare Center raises chickens to provide eggs