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Pastor Sawong and Pranee Suwanwong
Pastor Sawong and Pranee Suwanwong

Pastor Sawong Suwanwong has been the pastor of Daralai Church since 2010, and came to the church after serving as Associate Pastor of a church in Pitsnuloke, Thailand.   The church congregation at Daralai Church is very poor and is not able to help them with any of their living expenses.  The church is located on the Camp Moriah campus which is operated by Thailand National Institute for Christ, but they don’t receive any salary or financial support from TNIC.  They live on the campus near the church in a small cottage they renovated and made livable using their own savings, so they don’t have to pay any rent.  Their electricity is paid for by a Thai Christian businessman who has paid all the electric expenses for the entire campus for many years.

He and his wife Pranee serve as unpaid volunteers who serve without a salary or pension and live on a very modest budget.  They grow some of their own vegetables and occasionally receive love offerings from friends and other Thai Christians that help them get by.

Pastor Sawong’s ministry is very active.  He teaches Sunday School for the adult members of the church and preaches

during the Sunday morning worship services.   One of the church members leads the music and teaches Sunday School for the children who attend.

 Pastor Sawong and Pranee, along with Korean missionaries from Pak also teach Bible Study to the students in the local public school every Friday.  The Daralai congregation also goes once a month to Pak Chong and holds a joint worship service with the Korean missionaries.

In addition, Pastor Sawong leads a weekly home Bible Study, conducthome visitations throughout the week, and does hospital visitations to visit sick members,   He has also driven some distance to visit and witness to lost family members in NE Thailand of Thai Christians who live in Northwest Florida.

Pray for Pastor Sawong and Pranee that God will continue to meet their needs and enable them to continue their badly needed ministry.

Daralai Church
Daralai Church
Pastor Sawong ministering at local school
Weekly Bible teaching at public school
Pastor Sawong and Pranee passing out Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Gifts at local school
Worship at Daralai Church
Pranee ministering to scouts
Sunday School Children at Daralai Church
Daralai Church members
Pastor Sawong at Daralai Church
Pastor Sawong recently almost died from acute appendicitis before emergency surgery
Ministering at local Public School with Korean Missionary
Public School Ministry
Every Friday, Pastor Sawong and Pranee minister in the local school near Daralai Church
Baby Dedication to the Lord at Daralai Church
Preparing for communion
Daralai Church Approximately 20 Years Ago
History of Daralai Church

Daralai Church is located in the mountain foothills of Northeast Thailand.  In 1989, the late Mr. Mitree Mojadara, a Thai Christian businessman, purchased a vast tract of land in the countryside of Nakorn Ratchasima Province.  The beautiful piece of property was bordered by a wooded mountain range on one side and a small rural village on the other.

Mr. Mitree, who at the time was head of the Sanyo Corporation in Thailand, built a weekend cottage on his property where he spent many weekends with his family.  During his visits, he witnessed to all the villagers he came in contact with.  At that time, there were no churches or Christians within a 30 mile radius of Mr. Mitree's land.

The villagers were very open to the Gospel message and through Mr. Mitree's witness, a few of them soon prayed to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  On Sunday mornings, Mr. Mitree invited these new believers to come worship at his house.  This was the beginning of Daralai Church.  Pastor Sawong Suwannawong and his wife, Pranee, currently serve as the pastor of the church.