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Cheevit Mai "New Life" Ministry
Pastor Sawong and Pranee Suwanwong

Pastor Sawong and Pranee Suwanwong

Pastor Sawong Suwanwong and his wife Pranee have left Daralai Church and have begun a new ministry in Northern Thailand called “Cheevit Mai” or “New Life” Ministry.   We  look forward to seeing how God will use them in their new ministry.   They are now living in Lamphun, in the house Terry Lee’s mom lived in before she went to be with the Lord in 2014.  Terry’s neice, Gai,  and Gai’s daughter Gik, and Gik’s two small children, Ice and Oey, live downstairs in the house in a separate living area.  Both living areas have private entrances, which essentially makes the house into a duplex.

Pastor Sawong and Pranee have already become a blessing by ministering to Ice and Oey, who have lived without any Christian influence in their young lives, with Terry’s mom gone.   In addition to smothering them with love, they have begun giving them music lessons on an Omnichord that was provided to Pastor Sawong by Thai Christians in Florida, and teaching them computer skills on a laptop they also provided to Pastor Sawong.   Curious neighbor children have also started coming around and we anticipate more interaction with other children and adults in the neighborhood as they meet more new people.  We praise God for these new opportunities He has provided.

In addition to being able to share the love of Christ with Ice and Oey on a daily basis,  they have also been able to take Oey to church with them almost every week.   Ice and Oey have different fathers and Ice’s father has been picking him up on the weekend, but we are hopeful Pastor Sawong and Pranee will also be able to take him to church with Oey, beginning sometime  soon. 

They have been attending an established indigenous church located near the house. and Terry’s Buddhist  brother, who also lives in Lamphun, has also started attending the church. 

Pastor Sawong served as the pastor of Daralai Church near Pak Chong from 2010 to 2018, where they had a very active ministry.  He had previously served as an Associate Pastor of a church in Phitsanulok.   While at Daralai Church, which is located on the Thailand National Institute for Christ campus previously known as “Camp Moriah”,   Pastor Sawong and Pranee served without any salary or financial support from TNIC and lived on a very modest budget by growing their own vegetables, and occasionally receiving love offerings from friends and other Thai Christians.

Pastor Sawong preached every Sunday and taught Sunday School for the adult church members.  He and Pranee have servant hearts and during the week, conducted a weekly home Bible Study.  They also did home visitations and made hospital visits to visit sick church members.  He sometimes drove great distances in NE Thailand to visit and witness to lost family members of Thai Christians who live in Northwest Florida.

Along with Korean missionaries from a church in Pak Chong, Pastor Sawong and Pranee also taught Bible stories to the students on Thursday and Friday in two local public schools, and helped arrange for school scholarships for many of the school children.  Once a month, the two churches held a joint worship service at the church in Pak Chong.

Pastor Sawong is not the pastor of the indigenous church he and Pranee are attending in Lamphun, but plan to be very active in various neighborhood ministries.  They will do personal evangelism as they meet new people, and have already started teaching music, Christian songs, and computer skills to Ice and Oey and their neighborhood playmates.  They also helping them to learn English using Youtube videos, and take them to church services with them every week.

Please keep Pastor Sawong and Pranee in your prayers as they step out in faith in their new ministry.  They are getting older and both of them have significant health issues.  We know God will be able to use them for His glory as they seek to do His will.

Daralai Church members helping Pastor Sawong and Pranee load their belongings as they leave the Camp Moriah Campus fpr the last time
Pastpr Sawong and Pranee left the Camp Moriah campus on March 29, 2018
Pastor Sawong, Oey. and Pranee in Lamphun Church service
Pranee, Oey, and Likit, Terry Lee's brother in Lamphun Church service
Pastor Sawong teaching Ice and Oey and neighbor children to play ominchord music instrument
Oey, Terry Lee' 3rd Cousin
Pastor Sawong teaching music to Ice, Oey, and neighbor children
Pastor Sawong teaching Oey to use computer
Ice and Oey learning to play Omnichord Music instrument
Ice and Oey
Pranee, Pastor Sawong, Ice and Oey
Pastor Sawong while Pastor at Daralai Church
Pastor Sawong ministering at local school
Weekly Bible teaching at public school
Pastor Sawong and Pranee passing out Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Gifts at local school
Worship at Daralai Church
Pranee ministering to scouts
Sunday School Children at Daralai Church
Pastor Sawong recently almost died from acute appendicitis before emergency surgery
Ministering at local Public School with Korean Missionary
Public School Ministry
Every Friday, Pastor Sawong and Pranee minister in the local school near Daralai Church
Baby Dedication to the Lord at Daralai Church
Preparing for communion